love letter

something from my hubby… very touchy….

but lets see i wanted to write you a love letter but i have no idea how? First lets look up whats a love letter?

“A love letter is a popular way to express feelings of love in written form. Sometimes sent in the mail, and increasingly by electronic mail, the letter may be anything from a short and simple message of love to a lengthy explanation of feelings.”

If thats a love letter then i am sure i haven’t written you one since we met. Lets see how to write a love letter?

1. Presentation
2. Ambience.
3. Keepsake.
4. Greeting.
5. Beginning
6. Body
7. Closing.
8. Valediction
9. Insert
10. Neatness counts
11. Be expressive

WOW 11 steps of making a love letter that means i am sure i haven’t written you one.
Lets see whats connected to LOVE maybe that way i can start writing you one….

“Saint Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day is a holiday on February 14. It is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other; sending Valentine’s cards or candy. It is very common to present flowers on Valentine’s Day ”

If i am not wrong the last time i gave you or every time i gave you something it was a PSP or some sort of gadget. Now i am sure i am never close of giving you the proper love.

Out of all languages in the world i only speak three, Indonesian, English and Japanese. But i don’t speak as fluent as this one language i speak to you only, its called LOVE, huney i am never good in words or never good in expressing my feelings inside me. I cant be romantic like all the other guys. I cant give you everything in the world like any other guys, but i just wanna say that I can only LOVE as mush as my heart can take, that is like no other guy can ever LOVED you. My heart beats a three words every second it breaths, nice and simple yet but powerful


thank you beib… I love you tooo…


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